pic Geoff TaftAbout  Geoff Taft

Geoff has a very colorful history. Geoff lives in Clearwater, Florida with his lovely wife, Sylvie; they were married in downtown Clearwater, 23 years ago.  They both love to travel.

Geoff graduated from Kutztown Universtiy in 1977 and has a BA degree and is one of the newest certified members of the DotComSecrets team in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay areas. Geoff is a US veteran and served in the US Navy.

Geoff ran a very profitable family owned and operated business in Phoenix, Arizona for over 20 years.  Having been a successful business owner himself  he can relate to the needs that local businesses go through in an efffort to expand. Geoff also is an artist and musician and performed in Rock and Oldies bands for many years in the  Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey area.

In 1996 Geoff created a local directory booklet called, "Who To Call -- The Directory".  He sold advertising space and also offered very inexpensive one line listings in the North Phoenix area.  It was a successsful publication and linked many local businesses and local customers together.  Stacks of these directories were placed in shops and in their businesses and were available, free, for the customer to pick up.   About two tears ago, I saw a copy of this booklet still being used by a home owner in Phoenix,  The woman of the house kept it in her kitchen.  She didn't know that I was the publisher.  That's over 14 years of continued advertising from that one booklet.  It was battered and had scribbled notes all over it, but it was still being used because when she wanted to know "Who To Call" for what ever  service she was looking for, she trusted looking there first.

Geoff loves helping people succeed and become independent.

Geoff has a vast knowledge of the mind and people and now being partnered with DotComSecrets, the top leader in Internet Marketing fulfillment and Internet Educational training he has the means to quickly help any company or individual that wants to boom their business using the most effective internet marketing strategies and campaigns along with the most amazing internet software and marketing tools available today. They have it all and can do it all without a hitch

Even though I have not personally worked with Russell, one-on-one, I feel he is a friend of mine.   I have, over the last three years, done several of his specialized internet training courses, been on numerous webinars and live training calls with him and because of his true caring and the success that I had using the many tools and training he offered that I am truly proud and excited to be part of his internet marking advisor team here in Florida.

What I like most is that I am going to be helping more people than I ever could all on my own; that's for sure!

I am also excited for you to start attracting more customers to your business in the next 100 days!

          Geoff Taft  IMA Clearwater, FLORIDA
Feel Free to contact me at:   602-493-1290